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The Fernandina Pirates will be at Amelia Con this September-
Members of the Fernandina Pirates Club attends the Pajama Parrrrrrrty

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50th Annual Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival Pirate Parade
here on beautiful Amelia Island

Pirates played a major role in the settlement of Amelia Island, Florida, and they're still around today. Founded in October of 1973, the Fernandina Pirates are a lively and active presence in this lovely coastal Florida community.

Although our primary focus is on promoting our annual 'Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival', we are also interested in the community at large and try to do our part to better life in our charming little seaport town.

MONEY FOR COLLEGE We are involved in many local charity events and sponsor our own annual SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST  for Nassau County high school seniors.  $1,500.00 to be awarded to the winning college bound student and $500.00 awarded to the winner entering the military. 

PIRATES 4 HIRE:  We make many public appearances for community and charitable events, but we can also be had for a price for private events!
We do hire out for private parties, corporate functions and the like as one of our avenues of fund raising for our pet projects.

PIRATE'S BLOOD DRIVE:  Our club sponsors blood drives with the Blood Alliance on a regular basis.  Click on the link to check out our upcoming blood drive.  Come on out and give us a pint Matey!  For more information - BLOOD DRIVE

PAST EVENTS:  For a sample of what we actually do, here's a list of some of the programs and events we support.  CLICK HERE FOR PAST EVENTS

For more information and inquiries, contact:
Or, via mail:
Fernandina Pirates
P.O. Box 1094
Fernandina Beach, FL USA 32035